Mar 03

Minecraft 1.2 to Minecraft 1.2.3 update information

The most recent Minecraft update has recently been released, log in to Minecraft now and update your game. The Minecraft 1.2 update was then updated to Minecraft 1.2.2 and then to Minecraft 1.2.3 shortly after to fix a few small problems and bugs that made it into the full version of Minecraft, one of the bugs was a small lighting bug which effected blocks under the β€˜new’ upside down half slabs.


In Minecraft 1.2 we seen the addition of a few new mobs, a new biome, a new Redstone contraption and even a mob artificial intelligence update.


New Biome – A new jungle biome was added, which also seen the addition of a new tree, saplings, leaves and mob to Minecraft. The new mob was the ocelots, which can be tamed with raw fish so you can have a pet cat in Minecraft!


New mob AI – Skeletons seen an update, they are now more accurate, and zombies have better path finding, so you cant lead them down a hole or into a pit of lava. Creepers seen a small update as they are now scared of cats!


The download below, is the preview which was released the day before Minecraft 1.2 was released


How to download Minecraft 1.2

  • Download the Minecraft 1.2. jar file
  • Type %appdata%
  • Open .minecraft folder
  • Open the bin folder back up your Minecraft.jar
  • Drag in the Minecraft 1.2.2 jar
  • Enjoy


Minecraft 1.2 Client Download

Minecraft 1.2 Server Download


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